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Spare Control Products Parts


JAMPRO provides a comprehensive lineup of control products for your industrial process measurement and control requirements, as well as safety products for oxidizer and machine control. Call today and ask about our spare control products parts and more.

Butterfly Dampers

With these butterfly dampers, you'll burn most clean, low-pressure gaseous fuels or #2 light oil with only 8-16 ounce combustion pressures. You'll also lower fuel consumption by using preheated combustion air up to 800° F (427° C). Our dampers include:

  • Tadpole or Metal Blade Seats
  • ANSI, Midwest or Custom Bolt Patterns Machined Blade Seats
  • High-Temperature Designs
  • Double Black & Vent Designs

Programmable Logic Controllers

We supply a wide variety of programmable logic controllers. These include:

  • Electronic Controllers & Recorders
  • Pneumatic Indicators, Recorders, & Controllers